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The world's best hydraulic band sawmill! Quality in every detail.


Logosol's fully hydraulic sawmill B1001 Hydraulic is an absolutely fantastic sawmill that gives you control of the entire sawing process from the control unit. Sawing is not only efficient, it's also prevents wear and tear on your the body.

You can effortlessly lift logs off the ground and rotate them into the correct position. Being able to easily handle logs up to 2000 kg is a fantastic experience. A wise choice for those who want a first-rate band sawmill that is a pleasure to use!

Benefits with B1001 Hydraulic

✔ You can entirely load, position, lock and rotate logs using the hydraulics.

✔ Control sawing from the control unit and avoid all that heavy lifting.

✔ The system's control unit is designed for optimal ergonomics and good visibility when sawing by being adjustable, both vertically and horizontally.

✔ You can buy a complete sawmill with hydraulics or buy the hydraulics later.

Included Hydraulics

Control unit and hydraulic unit
Swivel panel, adjustable vertically and horizontally for easy monitoring during loading and sawing. Fully readied for integration with Smart Set so you can control everything from the same panel.

Toe boards
To set the saw cut parallel to the core of the log and get a straight cut along the log's fibres to maximize yield. Also has powerful log rollers so you can position the log longitudinally on the sawmill.

Log rotator
With motorized serrated chain to rotate the log to the best position for optimal saw yield.

Log supports
The 300 mm high log supports are easily controlled from the control unit. They are mechanically connected, which provides the advantage that they are always set to the same height.

Log clamp
Hydraulically controlled arm that pushes logs against the log support. It can also turn logs or blocks.


Additional accessories for B1001 Hydraulic

Log loader
Two powerful arms that lift logs from the ground up onto the saw bed.

Trailer kit with support legs
Make your hydraulic sawmill mobile. Launch in 2022.



✔ The hydraulics are engineered for heavy logs up to 2000 kg, i.e. the same size logs the band sawmill can handle.

✔ User-friendly design with integrated functions. A stable and stylish sawmill!

✔ Swedish-made band sawmill of Swedish steel with quality in every detail. Materials and component selections that you normally only find on industrial machines.

✔ Keep in mind that this is a machine with a long service life. With industrial quality of essential components and durable materials, maintenance is minimal.


Simple adjustments

The B1001 is easier to setup and use compared to other brands in the same class. A big advantage is that the sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps, which gives a quick and exact adjustment of the depth of cut. A full turn of the crank is always 1", and a step of 1/8" compensates for the kerf. On the height adjustment scale there is a Last-Cut indicator that helps you remember where your last cut was made, and works as a reference for the next cut. This allows you to work quickly and comfortably with a perfect result.

Sturdy log clamps

Log clamps with sturdy handles and a robust design secure the log with great force without damaging the wood. They work just as well when you take the first cut as when you cut the last, thin board.

Reliable rail frame

A standard equipped B1001 can cut logs that are up to 4850 mm in length and up to 1001 mm in diameter. If you are going to cut longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length. The sturdy rail frame is generously strengthened and designed to be placed directly on the ground. If the sawmill needs to be moved it can be loaded on a normal braked trailer and towed to the location where it will be used.


A tube construction optimizes the torsional rigidity. This gives you a lightweight but strong rail frame that stays perfectly straight even under the load of the largest logs.


The aluminium bandwheels are combined fan wheels that cool the band blade and work as air brakes. The fan wheels blow the sawdust out of the cover and help keep the sawhead clean, which is a great advantage when changing blades or when other maintenance services are made on the machine.

Power adds capacity

Our powerful motors give you extra capacity. Available options are a petrol engine of 23 hp and an electric motor of 12 kW (3-phase, 400 V). The 23 hp petrol option a Briggs & Stratton heavy-duty, Japanese-made, professional engine. The electric motor is highly efficient and can give close to double the rated power during the cutting operation if necessary.


The Logosol LM410 XL Log House Moulder fits the rails of the B1001 and is available in either a petrol or electric version. The cutter block is 410 mm wide, which allows for profiling large log house beams or just planing square beams.
Extensions and other accessories are available, allowing you to upgrade the B1001 to suit your production.

Ready to go

The Logosol B1001 is a very competent Band Sawmill. The sawmill comes with the sawhead pre-assembled and a detailed user and assembly manual. You only have to assemble the rails before the sawmill is ready to start. You can start sawing shortly after you have received the sawmill and quickly get started with your production. With the B1001, you also get a sawblade, levelling feet, two log clamps, two log supports, water cooling, adjustable blade guides and the Logosol peace-of-mind guarantee with a 2-year manufacturing warranty and free support.


• Powerful motor options. A petrol engine of 23 hp and a 12 kW electric motor
• Reliable rail frame with a tube construction that remains straight even under the load of the heaviest logs.
• Pre-assembled sawhead and simple setup. Levelling feet are included.
• Standard cutting length is 4850 mm. If you are going to cut longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length.
• Robust and solid. A stable construction that gives you an amazing sawing result.
• The best manual height adjustment of the sawhead on the market. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps. A full turn of the crank is always 1", and a step of 1/8" compensates for the kerf.
• Last-Cut indicator on the height adjustment scale helps you remember your last cut and becomes a reference for the next.

• Two log clamps are included, which secure the log with great force without damaging the wood. They work just as well when you take the first cut as when you cut the last, thin board.

• Exact blade guiding, which you only find on considerably bigger and more expensive sawmills.
• Developed from the ground up. Intergrated functions give a clean design.
• Patent-pending aluminium bandwheels that are combined fan wheels. They cool the sawblade and work as air brakes. This helps keep the cover clean from sawdust and if you connect a chip extractor the work site will also be a lot cleaner. This is a big advantage especially when you are changing blades or doing maintenance service on the sawmill.



Technical data


Control panel
Manually controlled valves (4-8 functions)
Powerpack with 3 kW electric motor, 4 l oil tank, and 3.15 cm³oil pump. Connect with a CEE 16A socket (on/off on button).
Petrol-driven version coming later.
Control panel that can be raised, lowered,and turned for a better view.
Can be locked for transport.
Compatible with Smart Set.
Work platform [680x950 mm] that protects the powerpack.

Toe Board
Cross bunk HD (tubular construction)
Log roller: Ø100 mm
Max. lifting height: 70 mm

Log Clamp
Double horizontal guides, 2x40 mm bar
Min. clamping width: 20 mm
Max. clamping width: 700 mm
Vertical stroke: 300 mm
Bearing: Double bushings and dust seals on each linear movement on the log clamp
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 300 mm stroke connected to a 40 mm rod for vertical movement
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 200 mm stroke connected to a linkage for horizontal movement

Log Supports
Quantity: 2 supports
Function: Mechanically connected log supports that automatically have the same vertical position.
Stroke: 305 mm.
Material: 40 mm stainless steel bar and a linkage consisting of 8 mm laser-cut plates. Bearing housing in steel.
Bearing: Double sets of bushings and dust seals on each log support.
Operation: A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 150 mm stroke coupled to a linkage.

Log Rotator
Sturdy hydraulic cylinder for raising/lowering
Hydraulic motor for chain drive

Log Loader
Lifting capacity: 2000 kg
Max. log diameter: 1000 mm
Min. log length: 2100 mm


Max. log diameter: 1001 mm
Max. cutting width: 850 mm
Max. cutting length: 4850 mm
Min. thickness on the last board: 25 mm (1 inch)


Motor alternatives

Petrol engine: 23 hp
Electric motor: 12 kW, 3-phase, 400 V, 50 hz


Width: 33 mm
Rotational speed: 30 m/s


Diameter: 500 mm
Maintenace free bearings
Integrated fan for cooling and effective cleaning of the cover.


Deux ans de garantie

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Un achat LOGOSOL est un achat de toute sécurité. Nous donnons une garantie de deux ans sur nos machines. 

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Garantie satisfait ou remboursé de 2 mois

LOGOSOL vous offre une garantie satisfait ou remboursé de deux mois sur toutes les machines.

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