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Extremely sturdy band sawmill with lots of accessories and opportunities for uppgrading as needed


The extremely stable rail frame and the wheel bogie of the sawhead that were launched together with our large band sawmill B1001, are now also standard on our new band sawmill model B751 Pro. This means that many of the accessories that earlier only could be used on the B1001, now are compatible with the B751 Pro. Among the accessories, there are a trailer kit, a log handling system and a log moulder. The B751 Pro can also be equipped with Logosol’s advanced, digital sawmill control system, Smart Set.

Strong & torsionally rigid rail frame

In its standard configuration, the Logosol B751 Pro can cut really large logs, nearly 5 metres long and fully 75 cm in diameter. If you are going to cut longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length. The sturdy rail frame of torsionally rigid steel tubes is generously strengthened and adapted for sawing directly on the ground or on a trailer. The tube construction of the rail optimizes the torsional rigidity. This gives a lightweight and strong design that stays perfectly straight even under the load of the largest logs.

Sawing with fixed steps

The Logosol B751 Pro is an extremely stable band sawmill that is easy to use. The model combines well-tried engineering with innovative solutions. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps, which allows quick and exact setting of the saw cut.

In addition, there is a Last-Cut indicator on the height adjustment scale that shows the position of the last cut and works as a reference for the next. For the sawyer, it becomes easier to produce timber of exactly the right dimensions every time. You work quickly and comfortably, and get a perfect sawing result.

Two selected motor options with power

For the B751 Pro we recommend a little stronger motor options, either our 18 hp petrol option or our fully 8 kW electric option. The electric motors are highly efficient and give close to double the rated power during operation. In horsepower, that means about 20 hp. With the 8 kW electric motor, the B751 Pro can compete with considerably larger and more expensive band sawmills.

In addition, the log moulder LM410 fits on the rails, powered by electricity or petrol. The cutter head is 410 mm wide, which means that you can mill up to 16-inch-wide log house timber. Extensions, sawdust management systems and many other accessories allow you to upgrade the B751 to suit your activities.

Ready to start

With its well thought-out design, the Logosol B751 Pro gives a vibration-free and exact sawing. It is a powerful band sawmill with many possibilities for adaptation and expansion. The sawmill comes partly preassembled with a detailed user manual, showing you how to install your motor option. The rail frame is easily assembled into desired length, and after that the sawmill is ready to start. You get quickly started with your production and can begin sawing soon after receiving the sawmill. Included are also a band blade, levelling feet, a log clamp, two log supports, water cooling, adjustable blade guide and 2 years warranty.


Time to start thinking about your first building project!


• All accessories for the B1001 is compatible with the B751 Pro, e.g. Trailer Kit and Smart Set

• Strong rail frame of torsionally rigid steel tubes.

• In its standard configuration, it can handle really large logs, almost 5 metres long. Easy to extend.

• Extremely stable band sawmill that is easy and comfortable to use.

• Quick and exact setting of the saw cut, the sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps.

• A Last-Cut Indicator shows the position of your last cut and works as a reference for the next.

• The band wheels with integrated cooling fans blow out the sawdust far away from the sawmill.

• In addition to the effective, integrated cooling fans that cool the blade, there is also a water cooling that can be used if needed.




Technical Data



Max. log diameter: 751 mm
Max. cant width: 600 mm
Effective sawing length (STANDARD): 4850 mm (extension sections: 1156 mm)
Max. board thickness: 220 mm (8 3/4 inches)
Min. thickness of last board: 25 mm (1 inch)


Band wheels
Band wheel diameter: 500 mm.
Maintenance-free wheel bearings.
Integrated fans for cooling and effective cleaning of the cover.


Band blades
Blade length: 3843 mm
Blade width: 33 or 34 mm
Blade speed: 30 m/s

Motor options
Petrol engine: 18 hp with electric start
Electric motor: 8 kW

Machine dimensions
Length: 5839 mm
Width: 1967 mm
Height: 1920 mm
Weight: 464 kg


Deux ans de garantie

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Prix (HT)
B751 PRO Scierie à ruban avec moteur électrique 8kW
8.840,00 €
B751 PRO Scierie à ruban avec moteur à essence 18 CV (Briggs & Stratton) démarrage électrique
9.610,00 €
B751 PRO Scierie à ruban avec moteur à essence 15 CV (Loncin) démarrage électrique
8.500,00 €
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Toujours 2 ans de garantie

Un achat LOGOSOL est un achat de toute sécurité. Nous donnons une garantie de deux ans sur nos machines. 

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Garantie satisfait ou remboursé de 2 mois

LOGOSOL vous offre une garantie satisfait ou remboursé de deux mois sur toutes les machines.

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